The courses I’ve taken so far are listed below.



  • CSED703I Machine Learning for Graphs
  • AIGS537 Artificial Intelligence & Data Science



  • CITE221 Intro. to Digital Systems & Microprocessor Design
  • CSED232 Object Oriented Programming
  • CSED332 Algorithms
  • CSED312 Operating Systems
  • CSED321 Programming Languages
  • CSED353 Computer Networks
  • CSED421 Database Systems
  • CSED423 Compilers
  • CSED434 Advanced Programming

  • MATH Calculus I,II
  • MATH230 Probability and Statistics
  • MATH212 Intro. to Linear Algebra
  • MATH459 Prob. Modeling and Numerical Methods
  • LIFE419 Intro. of Brain and Behavior

  • CITE Creative IT Design I,II,III and IV
  • CITE Intraction Design Studio
  • CITE Life Sensibility & Trans-human Studio

(the below are grad-level courses)

  • CSED503 Advanced Computer Architecture (audited)
  • CSED523 Statistical Natural Language Processing
  • CSED515 Machine Learning
  • CSED627 Reinforcement Learning
  • AIGS510 Implem. & Accel. for Machine Learning

@ UC Berkeley

  • CS188 Artificial Intelligence
  • BIOE131 Computational Molecular and Cell Biology